How I screen capture on Huawei Ascend G610

I own this phone Huawei Ascend G610 and I want to capture the screen on it. I could not find any option to do it, I checked all the settings and menus but nothing is there which could help me. I need to send a screenshot of a web page as my client requested. Any help?


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10 thoughts on “How I screen capture on Huawei Ascend G610”

  1. So, you want to capture the screen of Huawei Ascend G610? It is very much possible. You don’t need to find any option in your phone menu for doing this task because you won’t find any there. Instead you need to press two keys of your phone and screenshot will be taken. Here is the procedure.

    1. Open that app, menu or screen that you want to capture.
    2. Now, press the power key and volume down key (both presented on right side of your phone) together and hold them till you hear the camera sound and a flash on screen. This gives you a confirmation that your screenshot has been taken.

    3. Now you can visit the Image gallery and find your screenshot there. From here you can share it anywhere you want.

    So, this is the easiest method of taking screenshot on Huawei Ascend G610. Do not install any app for doing this simple task. Share with your friends if you found it useful.

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